Shipping policy

Transportation cost

The shipping cost is calculated by the system based on the weight of the items ordered. The shipping cost does not include any customs charges and local taxes.

Delivery time

Delivery times for ordered goods vary depending on the order placed by the customer (for example, whether the good is available from the manufacturer) and the delivery method chosen by the customer. The times given for delivery times are only indicative and are in no way binding on the PETER IN FLORENCE Company.

Here is the calculation we apply: Availability + Transport time = Total delivery time.

PETER IN FLORENCE uses contracted couriers/carriers that offer the best service/cost ratio for the destination concerned: this allows us to offer customers the best combination of shipping service and cost of the same.

Please note: Because some products are handmade, they may not be available at the time of your order. In this case, you will be notified of the expected delivery date and you can decide whether to confirm the order or request its cancellation.

Receipt of goods

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to verify:
  • that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document
  • that the packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing tapes
In case of tampering and / or breakage, the Customer must immediately dispute the shipment and / or delivery by affixing the words "RESERVE TO CHECK GOODS FOR....." (indicate the reason)

on the delivery document received from the courier or other operator.

The customer must subsequently report any damage within 3 days of receipt of the goods in the manner prescribed by the operator who handled the shipment.

In the event that the shipment of the order is returned to PETER IN FLORENCE by the courier/freight forwarder due to the wrong address provided by the customer, or due to exhaustion of the stock in the warehouses of the courier/freight forwarder, or for any other reason attributable to the negligence of the customer, a new shipment will be possible upon advance payment of the same through a link that will be provided at the time to the customer, or alternatively by bank transfer or even paypal.

Under no circumstances will it be possible to make deliveries by appointment, at predetermined times or days.

Checking the status of shipments

It is possible to track the status of any shipment online thanks to the tracking code that the system sends to the customer's e-mail once the shipment has started and which contains information about the carrier used, the shipment code and instructions on how to track the shipment.