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Peter in Florence
the gin of elegance

PETER IN FLORENCE is a London Dry Gin made entirely in Tuscany thanks to the use of the first carterhead still found in Italy, faithfully reproduced following the original 1831 design. The result is an elegant blend of 14 botanicals, with particular emphasis on the Iris flower, a symbol of the city of Florence since the 9th century that has always been synonymous with elegance and purity, and juniper, a plant characteristic of the Florentine hills.


Iris Root
Iris Petals
Dry Lemon Peel
Rosemary Flowers
Cardamom Seeds
Angelica Root
Bitter Almonds
Cassia bark
Rose berries
Bergamot Peel
Grains of Paradise

Tasting Notes


On the nose, we are immediately struck by its heady scent that immediately takes us back to Tuscany, characterized by its engaging floral side, colored by petals of iris, rosemary, lavender and cardamom, refreshed at times by its round citrus notes of coriander, bergamot and lemon. All accompanied from start to finish by the distinctive juniper.


On the palate, its low alcohol perception does not highlight its 43% alcohol volume at all, thus bringing out its main characteristics dictated by the round notes of juniper at the entrance and the floral ones in the second part, with iris root leading the way. The whole is refreshed by the citrus parts of bergamot and lemon nicely nuanced by grains of paradise and cassia.


Its "aftertaste" is very long and heady, with a return of juniper that invites another taste!


Lemon peel, rosemary or juniper berries.

We distill, fill, encapsulate and label each bottle by hand to ensure the best quality