Peter in Florence

A London dry gin that is born where the world's best juniper grows, in Tuscany.

Peter in Florence

PETER IN FLORENCE is a London Dry Gin made entirely in Tuscany through the use of the first Carter Head still in Italy, faithfully reproduced according to the original 1831 design. The result is an elegant blend of 14 botanicals, with special emphasis on the Iris flower.

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Peter in the Navy

In 2020, Peter created a new gin "PETER IN THE NAVY," which retains all the aromatic characteristics while balancing the higher alcohol content with the freshness of its botanicals. Unlike Peter In Florence London dry gin, Peter in The Navy was created with only 9 botanicals, mostly eliminating all the floral parts and increasing the taste of juniper.

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Master Distillery Tour

Book a distillery tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of our award-winning Tuscan gin, distilled by reinterpreting the design of the 1831 Carter Head still, using 100 percent natural botanicals and ingredients.

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Blended with selected ingredients according to original recipes, dosed to enhance the characteristics of Peter In Florence London Dry Gin.